There is certainly a plethora of places from which to choose here in Mount Prospect, IL when it comes to after-death care options. There are countless funeral homes in the Chicagoland area and countless cemeteries. There are columbariums, mausoleums, and crypts. The death care industry here has a significant presence.
In that, though, there is significant competition to earn your business. As odd as that may sound to say/read when discussing death care services, it is the truth. Nationally, burial fees, casket costs, and embalming prices have skyrocketed. In contrast, however, Mount Prospect, IL cremation fees have remained quite affordable.
Common Reasons People Choose Cremation for Their Loved Ones
Even though cremation has spent years—even centuries—being considered “taboo” by some religions and cultures, this choice as an after-death option is growing in popularity. Steadily, it has become more and more common in the USA and throughout North America, according to many studies. In fact, here in the US, 50% of all deaths recorded utilize cremation services. In Canada: 70%. This increase is due to a multiplicity of influences, namely:
  • Convenience There is simply less coordination that goes into a simple or direct cremation. Given the fast-paced lives we’re all accustomed to, sometimes convenience is a welcomed thing.
  • Affordability (especially among the Baby Boomer generation). Price does have a significant effect on the decisions we make. And, in the event your loved one did not have a pre-plan in place, affordable options are often a necessity.
  • Flexibility in arrangements. Again, our schedules and the schedules of other family members and loved ones can make final arrangements very difficult to coordinate. Cremation “slims down” the superfluous death care options and makes decision making simpler.
  • Geographic dispersion of families across state lines and beyond. Traditional funerals are often complicated when loved ones who live out-of-state are unable to attend. Cremation allows for families to gather in a less-than-rushed fashion. Weeks, even months following the death becomes an option for the arrangements.
  • Environmental concerns (especially as the “Going Green” movement gains traction). Traditional American funerals are responsible for the use of 25-30 million board-feet of wood caskets, 88,000 tons of steel, about 1.4 million tons of concrete (used in burial vaults), and approximately 800,000 gallons of embalming fluid. Cremation offers a “Greener” solution for those concerned with the environment. Further, biodegradable urns are widely available.
  • Lessening ties to “the homeland” as in previous, less mobile generations. In years past, ground burials were much more prevalent, as people felt a stronger connection to their “homeland.” You see, prior to families dispersing across state lines, and trends like house flipping, families felt a genuine kinship to their towns, their home churches, and family-utilized cemeteries.
Your Loved One’s Cremated Remains Need to Be Safe
This is an important detail to highlight. Here at Chicagoland Cremation Options, we take caring for your deceased loved one’s body and cremated remains very serious. Our identification process is rigorous, so you know your loved one is safe in our care.  The following is our “9-Step ID Process:”
  1. Place wrist identification on deceased
  2. Deceased is placed in cremation container
  3. Family signs an authorization for cremation
  4. The county medical examiner or coroner acknowledges awareness of the death and verifies cause of death or requires an autopsy or investigation
  5. The death certificate and medical examiners' permits are filed with the State
  6. Crematory operator fills out a crematory control sheet, which requires two personnel to sign off on prior to the cremation being performed
  7. The cremation is logged in the record book
  8. Paperwork is prepared in the office while the cremation is taking place
  9. The cremated remains are returned to the family
How Chicagoland Cremation Options is Different for Mount Prospect, IL Cremations
There are wonderful professionals in the cremation industry here in the Chicago area. Here’s what makes working with our staff at Chicagoland Cremation Options a bit different:
  • We believe in providing cremation options. Here at Chicagoland Cremation Options, our intention is embedded in our name: we believe in providing our community with real, viable, and affordable options. We know that it is of the utmost importance to educate families about cremation and to offer multiple options. Our commitment is to listen, guide, and help you to construct the most fitting tribute.
  • We are humbled to serve your family. We are a group of proficient and committed cremation service specialists. To serve you and your family is an honor. We know you place special trust in us during a very vulnerable time and our team takes immense pride in assisting you through the cremation process. We are your trusted advisors and will serve you and your loved ones with the highest level of dignity.
  • We believe in value. You see, serving this community, for us, means that we are serving our neighbors. Our team is dedicated to providing you with unrivaled value. We accomplish this by providing various cremation service options at affordable costs.
We know you have your choice of locations to turn to when a loved one passes or when you choose to move forward with preplanning. We hope you turn to the experienced and compassionate staff here at Chicagoland Cremation Options for Mount Prospect, IL cremation services. We are located at 9329 Byron St., Schiller Park, IL 60176. Reach out to us anytime—24/7—at (773) 631-0018 .


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